A General Update

Hello, All,

I guess when I said that I’d post another update in “a couple of days,” I really meant “a week.” Not the best of starts. Never mind.

So, as you may know, my first novel, “Kingdom Come,” was published back in November 2014. For reasons relating to the publisher, it ceased to be available in July 2015. While I have some idea of how many copies people I know bought, I don’t really have any solid sales figures for that time. As I was doing an MA at UAlbany from 2014 to 2016 and didn’t have much spare time, this put somewhat of a halt to my writing career aside from the occasional short story.

However, having graduated back in May, I was finally afforded time to sit down and start writing again. Because of the way that things went with “Kingdom Come,” I’m putting the series on hold for the time being. There will be a sequel, and most likely many more after that, but I feel I need something unrelated to shop to agents before I can work at getting “Kingdom Come” republished and thus to a position where a sequel would be viable for print.

Consequently, in June I began working on a novel that has been burning away at the back of my mind for some time (I just looked back at my documents, and looks like I first made notes for it in late 2013). It is to be the first book in a fantasy series, and I’m really excited about how it is shaping up so far.

The one downside is that progress has been slower than I would like. I moved 1,000 miles in August, which made it difficult to write in that period. On top of that, I now work two jobs, and therefore have to fit writing in around those as well as keeping some time aside for a social life, eating, and personal hygiene.

That being said, I am making consistent progress. I took part in NaNoWriMo last month, and while I didn’t reach the 50,000 word goal (owing to the constraints previously mentioned) it has got me back in the habit of writing regularly.

Ideally I’ll have a first draft of the novel completed by the end of March, and I’ll certainly be pushing for that. However, how feasible that is will depend on how things look after the holidays. Once that period has passed, my schedule should be a little less fluid and it should be easier to work out when I can write.

I’ll leave it there for now, there should be another update within a week though.


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